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Ours is a village mindset

At SPPF, we are fond of the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child.” It resonates because it honors our connection to past and future, as well as our ability to truly make a difference by enabling youth.  Contact us to find out how your actions today can help build a brighter tomorrow for students in South St. Petersburg

There are many ways to participate as a volunteer including:  

  • Marketing – flyer distribution, community engagements, social media advertising, etc. – we are advocating around the importance of literacy overall and specifically about the work of SPPF within the community.
  • Book Distribution Events –we are a small group of people.  Whenever we are present at community events, we can use volunteer support to help distribute books, collect donations, etc.
  • Career Sharing –if you work in an interesting field, especially a STEAM-related field, our students may be very interested to know more about your career and your educational path to achieve it.
  • Teaching — if you are a retired teacher with expertise in teaching reading, math, science and/or art, you may be suited to tutor students as they master these skills within our program