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Roots, Wings and Results

As our students returned to school with the pandemic still raging in our community, we took a moment to remind ourselves of our role.  We ground our students by providing a loving community that celebrates a history which places them at its center.  We prepare our students by setting high expectations and helping them develop the educational tools to exceed them!  In this way, we deliver our mission — to advance literacy and help close the achievement gap for students in South St. Pete.  In January 2020, we started the M.A.S.T.R. Kids After-school program for the first time.  Sixty-three students attended the program with nearly 80% of the students reading well below grade level.  In March, we transitioned the program to a remote learning platform due to COVID-19.  Thirty-three of the students were able to access the program with consistency for ten weeks from late March through May.  94% of those students thirty-three students avoided any Reading learning loss during the time-period.  88% of the thirty-three students demonstrated meaning Reading gains per the i-Ready assessments.  CONGRATULATIONS to students, parents, teachers, assistants and other SPPF staffers who all worked extremely hard to bring about this outcome.  We know how challenging it was to stay focused in the face of constant change and a fear of the unknown.  We applaud you!