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Our Impact

Summer Learning Loss Prevention

During the 2017- 2019 period, summer learning loss was prevented for eighty percent (80%) of the program’s students based on pre and post diagnostic assessments.  This is in contrast to typical learning loss of ten to twelve weeks for similar groups of students nationally.  In this way, we are closing the achievement gap for students in South St. Petersburg.

Learning Gains and Grade Level Advancement

During the summer of 2019, Sixty-three percent (63%) of our students achieved learning gains in Reading during the eight-week program as reflected in pre and post diagnostic scale scores.  Advancements are noted specifically in Reading Comprehension, High Frequency Words, Vocabulary, and Phonics.

Incredibly, twelve percent (12%) of students advanced a grade level during the eight – week summer program!

The third-grade cohort (returning students) completed the program with fifty percent (50%) on grade level and twenty-five percent (25%) advancing one grade level between diagnostics.

One hundred percent (100%) of entering kindergartners tested on level and were ready to start school.

Source: iReady pre and post program diagnostic testing