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MASTR Kids Programs

Leaders for Our Future!

This is a Math-Art-Science-Technology-Reading (M.A.S.T.R.) Program designed to address the SPPF mission of advancing literacy and helping to close the achievement gap for our students. The program’s focus is on academic enrichment that nurtures future leaders.

Our students are active though we are not a recreational program. We understand the connection between physical and cognitive development. We believe leadership requires overall health – a Strong Mind and Body as well as a positive environment that builds self esteem.

A Culture of Learning with Five Key Elements

Certified Teachers and Experienced Assistants

Each individual devoted to the mission. They are both inspired and inspiring. They believe each child is a capable learner and they help each child to embrace this fact about him/herself

Small Class Sizes

Classes of 12-14 students with adequate instruction support, i.e. a Teacher + one or two Assistants.

Evidence based

Our teachers design their literacy lesson plans with guidance from a well researched, evidence based core curriculum. We then use STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) lessons as a way of engaging students while enhancing/reinforcing skill development.

Intervention Flexibility

We will do what works for the student. We have flexibility to address student specific learning needs via small groups, 1:1 instruction, and/or alternate curriculum

Outcomes Driven

We build clear outcomes measurement into the program i-Ready Reading and Math Assessments. Students are taught to use their measurements to indicate areas of progress and areas where they should ask for help. Students and teachers share outcomes with parents to celebrate individual growth.

Making Learning Fun!

M.A.S.T.R. Kids Programs are held at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church – 3300 31st Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712. We believe the change of setting allows us to set expectations for behavior and performance that are unique to our environment and shared by students from different schools. Our culture mandates that this is a safe space where everyone is supported.

Our academic enrichment activities enhance self esteem and encourage a love of learning. We also train students in key life skills (e.g. swimming, interviewing). We expose these future leaders to a broad array of experiences beyond their day-to-day community (e.g. field trips) by working with arts partners and community leaders. This is a fun way to learn!!